Slim down and get healthy with your CoLab Orlando partners

It’s almost swimsuit season here in Central Florida, and we here at CoLab Orlando love the water! So, slimming down and losing weight are on our minds…

We have some CoLab members who have committed to our “Biggest Loser Bet”, and there’s still time to sign up with us @

Create a plan for how you are going to lose those extra pounds and fit into those skinny jeans you’ve always wanted or maybe that cool outfit from a few years ago where the buttons don’t feel just right. Write down what you are going to eat for the day.

Some ideas for around CoLab:

Eat healthier: Less junk, more fruits and vegetables!



An apple a day keeps the doctor away!


Get your heart rate going! Go for a fast walk around the block. We have a treadmill on the 9th floor for members! (sorry, Foosball is not going to do it, guys)

More soon!

*Inspired by our friends in Nashville! Thanks Y’all!

Contact us if you would like to sponsor a healthy Lunch and Learn or Snack Break!

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