What will you do to stand out above the rest in 2014?



Some friendly advice from one of our new CoLab Members: 

I am on a crusade to stop this from happening to new businesses.  I was there too at one time.  Perhaps you grew tired of your job and decided to go at it on your own.  Maybe you found yourself currently out of a job and took a big leap of faith.

Whatever your motivation or reason for making the move there are some things that can help you along the way.

When you first venture out, you are in what I call “hustle mode”:  No matter how much cash you start out with, you are in a race to find a client base that will be profitable and sustainable.  You need to have a profitable customer in order to make money in your business.  You also need to know that what you are selling has a big enough market so you can get more and more customers.

We all know someone you got into some get rich quick scheme, then after they sold to their family and friends they quickly found out that there was no one else to sell too.

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