Why a coworking membership might be a better option than a home office

It pays to have a virtual office space.

Work from a home office and need a business address to power your Google places listing or simply need a business address for mail?

Here are 5 top reasons to use a virtual business address:

1. A business address is one of the most valuable marketing assets for online marketing. Google serves up its own business directory listings, Google Places Pages, for local searches and without a real business address, you miss out. Using a home address or PO box allows your competitors to outrank you on Google and they’ll take business that should be yours. Renting a virtual business address is inexpensive and most co-working spaces sell them and give you access to a desk and conference room as part of the package.

2. Home offices are nice but sometimes it pays to make a professional first impression. Need to meet clients? Having them come to your home or a coffee shop sends a clear message: you are cheap! Renting a virtual office address is not only inexpensive, but it also gives you a polished environment to meet potential clients. This builds trust in ways that far more valuable than the money you save by not having one.

3. With a virtual office, especially one in a coworking space, your small business is operational instantly. Internet, postal issues, phone options, and build-out are in place and you only use what you need. Most coworking virtual office spaces have memberships starting at $50 or less and it doesn’t take much of a return to make that a good investment.

4. Virtual office spaces often have flexible leases and short-term commitments. Grow quickly and need more space? No problem – using a virtual office or coworking space to start a business is one of the smartest and most cost effective strategies around.

5. Gaining a foothold in a secondary market is a breeze. If you want to expand to a new city but are not sure of viability, renting a virtual office space gives you a real presence in an area and lets you explore a market. Rather than being an outsider, you are now a local company. In today’s local world, that matters.

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