Over the last couple of months, CoLab Orlando has gone through lots of changes.  We have expanded to the 9th floor of the Angebilt Building, redecorated the 6th floor hallways, and even went out and got new chairs for the “Lab” area.  Many more changes and improvements are in the works, for example we are currently painting the 8th floor hallway, about to add some new art work to the “Lab”, and spruce up the 6th floor conference room.  As a member that has been around from the beginning, it is great to see the improvements being made to the physical space.  For a long time, we were happy with what we had, it met our needs as far as open space and private suites, but it was pretty raw space with not too many bells and whistles.  I know this is just the beginning, if we have made it this far in a year and a half, I am excited to see what CoLab Orlando will look like in another year and a half.

I wanted to make this post to document the growth of CoLab from the beginning to where we are today.  You’ll notice a trend of companies in CoLab starting in one office, and expanding into larger offices once they grow their team.  A true testament to the power of a collaborative work environment.

Alex Hillman at one of the early CoLab Orlando events.
Original CoLabers Dave and Rich Dean
Alex Bourque in Old DyVERSE Office
Photo of the historic Angebilt Building, home of CoLab Orlando
One of CoLab's many tech community workshops.
Old Envy Labs Office
Peter Peng in old LOOK Marketing office.
Kailey Hussey at CoLab Orlando before going to CoLab Nashville
Taste Advertising in their First CoLab Orlando
Coworkers working in the "Lab" after the walls were lowered.
Envy Labs Expands!
CoLab 6th floor hallway before we painted.
CoLab 6th floor hallway after we painted and stained the concrete floors.
New LOOK Marketing Group Office
New 9th Floor CoLab Orlando Office Suites