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Increase in Freelance Workers Fuels Orlando Coworking Space

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“Industrial Revolution of Today,” according to The Atlantic In today’s job market, getting a long-term job is, well, so yesterday. Look around at any coffee shop, library or free WiFi spot and see people working on laptops and talking on smartphones. Count the number of friends, relatives and acquaintances you know who are freelancing or starting small businesses and the number may surprise you. The Atlantic recently published an article about the surge of freelancers and proclaimed the it “the industrial revolution of our time.” Freelancing, once stigmatized as the only option when you couldn’t get “a real job” is becoming a preferred career path for large numbers of skilled professionals. Costs to start up a business have dropped and depending on the industry, anyone with a laptop, software and a phone can start taking on paying jobs. As companies reduce staff to cut costs and outsource work, the work …

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