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Moving, Shaking and Making in Orlando: Meet Our New Member

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Coworking Environment For Great for An Orlando Business Tell us about yourself and your company. I’ve always been a “maker”- ever since I was a kid building LEGOs and drawing pictures.  As a graphic designer and industrial designer I use that same passion to build brands and develop products for my clients. In 2011, I founded Grey Gorilla Design as an additional creative outlet outside of my full-time job as the Director of Design at Noble Inc.  Eventually Grey Gorilla required my full attention and I’m now the sole full-time employee along with a team of trusted contractors. Where were you before CoLab? It’s been a “Green Eggs and Ham” type of situation.  I’ve worked just about everywhere- my home office, co-worker’s home offices, coffee shops, client’s offices, bars, parks… anywhere with internet. What brings you here? I worked in a corporate office setting for 10 years, so after venturing …

Bagels, Mimosas and Big Dreams for 2014

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CoLab Orlando Member Event! Meet with our new member Sabrina Covington, CPA of Covington+ Associates, CPAs and discuss as a group how we are positioning our businesses for success in the upcoming year. Bring your plans for the new year and any questions you may have. We will supply the bagels and mimosas. We are going to discuss: – What are your business goals for 2014? – How are you tracking your success? – Our favorite tools and apps to help drive small business success in 2014. We hope to see you November 7th @ 10am on the 6th floor! Learn more about Sabrina and Covington @ Meet our other members @   Please RSVP on Facebook @ or tweet us!  

CoLab Orlando Member Spotlight: Christopher Stapleton of Simiosys

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Experiential media specialist enjoys connecting with other creative thinkers Every day, Christopher Stapleton is charged with the task of providing the color to people’s imaginations. He owns and operates Simiosys, a company that produces and designs experiential media — using digital media, simulation, mixed reality and virtual reality — for brands. His creative imprint can be found in theme parks, museums and on television shows in Germany, Japan, Italy and stateside. You might’ve experienced some of his work: he’s responsible for some of the most thrilling special effects at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure — think Wizarding World of Harry Potter— and other theme parks in Orlando and around the world. Stapleton says working at CoLab Orlando plugs him into a network of other creative thinkers, a perk of working in the coworking space. How long have you been at CoLab Orlando? Four years. How did you hear about CoLab? …

Doterati Presents: Lunch & Learn – SEO Real-world Results

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Come out to CoLab Orlando on Thursday, October 28th from 12-1 for a Lunch & Learn presented by Doterati! We will be hearing from Joel Goldstein- a professional speaker, author, and consultant. Joel will be talking to us about his experiences as a SEO, as well as helping us understand the value of SEO, learning implemation techniques, Q&A, and more! Attendees MUST register through Eventbrite to reserve a seat. You can do that by clicking here. See you there!

Construction on the 9th!

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For the past month or so, the 9th floor has been under construction. Rumor has it, the members on the 9th are a little “over it”, which makes sense. It’s no fun working when things are loud and dusty. But good news! The end is in sight. We have added 3 new suites to the 9th floor as well as a lounge. These are all still in the process of being finished, but it is starting to look really good and going to be even better once it’s finished. I’m sure all the members that stuck it out through the sawdust and paint fumes, will think it was worth the wait. Here are some photos from today, September 30th. Not quite finished yet, but close! If you haven’t seen the new suites yet, come by for a tour!

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