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CoLab Orlando Video — Why Working in Coffee Shops is a Pain

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Forget the stale service and try coworking in Orlando instead Ever tried working in a coffee shop? Working in a hip coffee shop sounds like a great idea. Comfy chairs, access to awesome lattes and free WiFi should make for a convenient and uber-cool place to get some work done. After all, with smart phones, tablets and powerful laptops, you have everything you need, right? WRONG! Coffee shops are more than just a cool place to hang out — they’re a business. And like any business, they make money by selling things to customers. If you take three hours to complete a project in your local shop and only buy a small cappuccino, you’re taking up valuable space that might keep other paying customers from enjoying their visit. As a result, there has been a trend of coffee shops trying to politely and gently give people like you the message: …

Virginia editor finds coworking refuge at CoLab Orlando

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Christine Schirr of OtterCorrect says CoLab Orlando was the perfect temporary solution Christine Schirr, founder and lead editor at OtterCorrect, a Virginia-based writing and editing business, found herself in sunny Orlando for a few weeks in need of a place to perch her laptop. Schirr’s company provides writing and editing services for a variety of clients, giving her the flexibility to work anywhere. After she landed in Orlando, she was working in the solitude of a friend’s home. But that environment lacked the social interaction and constant caffeine drip that a creative person needs for peak performance. That’s when she decided to set up temporary shop at CoLab Orlando, a coworking community in the heart of Orlando. She talked to us recently about her experience here: How did you hear about CoLab? I heard about it because I knew that there were similar resources available in other cities, so I …

CoLab Orlando lets you cowork around the world

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Coworking exchange program lets members work around the globe You’re an Orlando-based graphic designer who usually works out of one of the funky, fun coworking spaces at CoLab Orlando but your friends want to take a girls trip in California’s wine country. They work in the world of cubicles and paid vacation time. You are a self-employed, one-woman dynamo, meaning time off is money lost. But it doesn’t have to be that way. CoLab is a member of the International Coworking Visa program. (This is the very active growing Wiki page HERE) The forward thinkers of CoLab Orlando have partnered with many coworking spaces across the United States and in dozens of countries around the globe. This offers CoLab community members the opportunity to set up temporary shop even if it’s just for a few hours, a whole day or longer (with some limitations, depending on the location). Time away …

CoLab Orlando Member Spotlight: Christopher Stapleton of Simiosys

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Experiential media specialist enjoys connecting with other creative thinkers Every day, Christopher Stapleton is charged with the task of providing the color to people’s imaginations. He owns and operates Simiosys, a company that produces and designs experiential media — using digital media, simulation, mixed reality and virtual reality — for brands. His creative imprint can be found in theme parks, museums and on television shows in Germany, Japan, Italy and stateside. You might’ve experienced some of his work: he’s responsible for some of the most thrilling special effects at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure — think Wizarding World of Harry Potter— and other theme parks in Orlando and around the world. Stapleton says working at CoLab Orlando plugs him into a network of other creative thinkers, a perk of working in the coworking space. How long have you been at CoLab Orlando? Four years. How did you hear about CoLab? …

Freelancing a 2012 Trend to Watch

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Graduates and baby-boomers alike choosing to work for themselves In 2012 there are several trends to watch for, including a rise in the number of self-employed individuals. The shifting economy is leaving graduates with no other choice but to find their own niche and join the self-employed work force. But it’s not just graduates. It’s baby boomers looking to get back into the workforce without having to put up with all the uncertainty of corporate America. A recent article published on touted the benefits of going it solo. “Temple University officials noticed something a little out of the ordinary when they looked at the results of the post-graduation survey of 2009’s undergraduate class,” states the report. “For the first time in the life of the survey, self employment ranked alongside banking, education and health care as one of the most popular career paths for recent graduates.” One thing to …

Coworking Provides Structure and Focus for Freelance Individuals

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Key Findings from the 2011 Freelance Industry Report The 2011 Freelance Industry Report found that freelancers weathered the recession better than other traditional employees with 52 percent stating the recession hardly made an impact on their income. It’s not a surprise then that 59 percent of freelance workers are happier now than they were before choosing the solo route, nor is it shocking that 54 percent would never go back. The most striking statistic, however, is that 90 percent of those who freelance do so from home, which causes one to ask: is this why the top three challenges for these individuals are managing time, staying productive, and maintaining motivation throughout the work week? Truth is, it’s hard to focus when your dogs are yapping, your house needs dusting or there is a Law and Order marathon on TV. Suddenly the home office you thought would save you lots of …

CoLab Orlando: Why Virtual Office Space in Orlando is Booming

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Despite recession, need for virtual office space continues to grow Starting a small business is exciting and challenging. It requires time, effort and most of all, money. Things like start up costs and overhead can sometimes overwhelm a new entrepreneur. Luckily, CoLab Orlando provides a great way to keep overhead and start up costs low with a virtual office. A virtual office is simply a formal business address without the office; companies pay for the address and often the ability to get mail delivered but don’t have an actual office. With coworking, virtual office space becomes more than an address: coworkers get to use the conference rooms to meet with clients or can drop in and work for a day in addition to getting the office address. Coworking is a rapidly growing alternative to executive suites and rented virtual addresses. Coworking is much less expensive and far more flexible. CoLab …

The Coworking Movement: Why Working Alone Sucks

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Coworking offers social interaction and entrepreneurial motivation Starbucks recently made it harder to work inside some locations by limiting the number of outlets and putting caps on wireless usage. Freelancers and entrepreneurs often use coffee shops like Starbucks as an alternative to working from home. But they apparently don’t buy enough coffee. Working in a public space is a challenge. Just because you can work in a coffee shop doesn’t mean you should. Working from home can be even more difficult. For many freelancers and small business owners, a home office sounds great: No expense, no commute, minimal distractions, right? Reality is different. Try to have a client call with dogs barking in the background, the doorbell ringing or your children in the room. It’s tough. Besides, working from home makes it hard to separate work and home life. People who work from home often say they are less productive …

Top 10 Lessons About Entrepreneurship in a Coworking Space

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CoLab Nashville’s Kia Jarmon shares important small business tips Have a clear business plan. Separate your personal and professional lives. Ask for help when you need it. They’re good rules for business in general. They matter just as much, if not more, in a coworking environment. Kia Jarmon, who owns the boutique PR firm MEPR Agency at CoLab Nashville, recently gave a Lunch and Learn about those and other lessons for entrepreneurs, and they apply equally to CoLab Orlando. CoLab holds several Lunch and Learn sessions throughout the year, allowing CoLab members to deliver talks on their areas of expertise. Lunch is free, and the sessions do a lot to build community and set up some powerful idea exchanges. Kia mentors college interns about PR and entrepreneurship, and her top 10 points should matter to any freelancer or small business owner: Outline your business goals at the beginning. Start with …

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