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The Coworking Movement: Why Working Alone Sucks

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Coworking offers social interaction and entrepreneurial motivation Starbucks recently made it harder to work inside some locations by limiting the number of outlets and putting caps on wireless usage. Freelancers and entrepreneurs often use coffee shops like Starbucks as an alternative to working from home. But they apparently don’t buy enough coffee. Working in a public space is a challenge. Just because you can work in a coffee shop doesn’t mean you should. Working from home can be even more difficult. For many freelancers and small business owners, a home office sounds great: No expense, no commute, minimal distractions, right? Reality is different. Try to have a client call with dogs barking in the background, the doorbell ringing or your children in the room. It’s tough. Besides, working from home makes it hard to separate work and home life. People who work from home often say they are less productive …

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