Manhattan native Erica Berman runs event planning boutique Jane Layne Events from CoLab

Walk in to Erica Berman’s office and it’s obvious she earned the trademark “The Eventista.” Between her office decor to her list of clients, the unique success of Jane Layne Events is apparent. The office, which is decorated for beauty and function down to small details, embodies the approach she takes to event planning.

Even with huge events like the past month’s NBA All-Star Weekend, no small detail goes unnoticed. Like she told us in her video interview, Erica wants her clients to know exactly why everything is done the way it is – everything is purposeful, including locating her office inside of CoLab.

“Being at CoLab is like working at a company within a company,” she says. The relationships she’s made are similar to those she would make in a traditional office setting, but at CoLab her neighbors are a totally different company.

We asked her to sit down and share some awesomeness on camera:

You can get in touch with Jane Layne events by e-mailing, check out their Facebook Page, or following them on Twitter.

Do you work in a coworking or collaborative space? What do you think about Erica’s description of working at a “company within a company?”