Coworking Environment For Great for An Orlando Business

Tell us about yourself and your company.CoLabMember

I’ve always been a “maker”- ever since I was a kid building LEGOs and drawing pictures.  As a graphic designer and industrial designer I use that same passion to build brands and develop products for my clients.

In 2011, I founded Grey Gorilla Design as an additional creative outlet outside of my full-time job as the Director of Design at Noble Inc.  Eventually Grey Gorilla required my full attention and I’m now the sole full-time employee along with a team of trusted contractors.

Where were you before CoLab?

It’s been a “Green Eggs and Ham” type of situation.  I’ve worked just about everywhere- my home office, co-worker’s home offices, coffee shops, client’s offices, bars, parks… anywhere with internet.

What brings you here?

I worked in a corporate office setting for 10 years, so after venturing out on my own I started to miss the social aspects of a conventional office environment.

When did you start? 

September…. I think.  Where has the year gone!

What’s your favorite part about working here?

The people- there’s such a great variety of professionals and personalities to network and socialize with during the day.  I’ve made a lot of great contacts that have opened my eyes to events and other opportunities for small business owners in Orlando.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?

Anything outdoors- going to the beach, running, playing soccer… even yard work!  I spend way too much time sitting in front of a computer, so when I’m not working I like o enjoy the beautiful weather with my family and two dogs.

What’s an interesting fact that some people might not know about you? 

My childhood dream was to be a farmer in Ohio.  That’s every kids dream growing up in NJ, right?

What makes CoLab so great? 

The people and the location.  Its great being in the heart of downtown and working in the same space as other small business owners that are experiencing- or have already experienced- the same obstacles that your business is going through.

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