Downtown Orlando coworking space is the perfect setup for growing small businesses

Coworking spaces are great for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses while working affordably, network with like-minded business owners and take advantage of great perks such as WiFi, printing and copying.

We’re happy to see The Huffington Post’s recent article, “9 Ways Co-Working Spaces Can Grow Your Small Business.” They asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council, an invitation-only nonprofit made up of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs, to share their stories about how coworking has helped their businesses and brands grow.

A few of their responses:

New Clients All Around
“I work regularly at coworking spaces. I routinely land new clients through a quick chat, especially since in a coworking space, I can immediately show the person sitting next to me exactly what I’m working on.” — Thursday Bram, Hyper Modern Consulting


Word Gets Out
“I belong to a community of entrepreneurs that work together and play together, and I started serving a couple of clients. Word started getting around the community that my service was good, and more and more people started using my service. This is a great strategy for those whose clients would be in a co-working environment.” — Louis Lautman, Supreme Outsourcing


Recruiting New Talent
“If you’re in a space with other talented individuals, it’s the perfect opportunity to scout for new talent for your own business. We’ve hired some of our most talented employees just because they were working in the same proximity to our company in a co-working environment. Without being in a co-working environment, we would have never had met those future employees.” — Derek Johnson, Tatango


Creative Problem Solving
“Co-working spaces bring together diverse businesses. Be open about your difficulties and support other companies with theirs to uncover clever solutions to your challenges. We’re a consumer products company and struggled initially with building our subscription program. We finally talked to a co-located company with deep tech expertise and were able to crack the issue over a weekend!” — Aaron Schwartz, Modify Watches


We’re so happy that people who have first-hand experience with co-working’s advantages are spreading the word! Want to join a great group of thriving entrepreneurs? We’ll gladly give you a tour of our available spaces. Just give us a call at (904) 417-8430 and let’s start a conversation.