What is coworking? Coworking is short for ‘collaborative work space’. Providing a space to work for several individuals who may not all work for the same company. Coworking provides several benefits such as being more cost effective, being much more flexible, and most importantly providing an atmosphere in which you can more easily reach out and collaborate with other individuals. With more and more coworking spaces appearing throughout the world each year, we hope to continue to cement ourselves as the premier Downtown Orlando coworking destination.


COLAB helps provide an unbeatable atmosphere with our main focus being community and collaboration. We provide the stepping stones to help you build your personal network by connecting you with dozen’s of individuals and businesses, each and every day. Our monthly events provide a casual opportunity to mingle with your fellow coworkers and makes coming to the office more relaxing and comfortable.

Being founded in 2009, we have had years of experience in the Downtown Orlando coworking scene. We’ve been able to take years of first hand knowledge to help mold our space into the perfect incubator for new start ups and entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level. Unlike most coworking spaces we also offer extremely easy transitions to more traditional office settings if you find yourself growing and need more space for your company as well.


COLAB offers several different membership levels. Whether you are a start up looking for a private office or just looking for a virtual office, we’ve got you covered!

Part Time

Shared | M – F, 9AM – 7PM

Access 10 Days
4 Conference Room Hours
5 Printer Credits

$75 Per Month

Full Time

Shared | M – F, 9AM – 7PM

Access All Open Days
8 Conference Room Hours
15 Printer Credits

$150 Per Month

Dedicated Desk

Shared | M – F, 9AM – 7PM

Access All Open Days
10 Conference Room Hours
20 Printer Credits

$250 Per Month

Private Office

Private | 24 Hours

24 Hour Access with Key Card
15 Conference Room Hours
25 Printer Credits

Starting at
$500 Per Month

One Day Drop In

$25 Per Day

Virtual Office

$150 Per Month

Event Space

$90 Per Hour



COLAB comes stocked with a wide variety of amenities meant to help your business excel where you work.

Prime Downtown Location

Located in the heart of Downtown Orlando. COLAB provides a prime access point to a wide variety of industries & businesses.

High Speed Wifi

Utilizing Spectrum’s most powerful internet package, our high speed internet connections will ensure you’ll have no issues during a crucial file upload.

Community Manager On Site

We have a community manager in the building in our 9th floor coworking space from 9AM until 5PM ready and willing to help you out should any issue arise.


Black and white printer access is available in our coworking space. Need something printed? Stop on in and our community manager will help you take care of your printing needs.

Receive Mail & Packages

Daily mail services come included will all offices and all memberships to COLAB. Mail is distributed daily by our community manager.

Monthly Events

Our monthly events help provide a break from the usual routine. Lunch and Learns, Monthly Tenant Mixers, and Outside Guest Events help add additional chances forĀ  networking.

Conference Rooms

COLAB pleasently provides three varying sized conference rooms to use for any potential meeting. Our online booking platform helps provide easy access for scheduling your next appointment.

Discounted Parking Passes

All COLAB members receive an additional benefit of renting the optional parking passes at a discounted rate. Perfect for those who find themselves often spending nights and weekends downtown as well.


Locker Space

Coworking members who feel more comfortable storing their hardware away while their gone have full access to several lockers in our coworking space. Free to use for all members.

Virtual Office

Simply need a business address? We’ve got you covered. Our Virtual Office option exactly what you need!


Downtown Orlando parking can be a daunting task to take on. Here is a quick Google Map guide to help you figure out the best spots to park when headed to the office. Listed are three daily paid parking lots or garages, limited meter parking, and the COLAB Member Parking Lot.

If you are interested in leasing a monthly downtown parking pass from us, please give us a call or email us directly to help get you all set up. Parking passes are optional additions for our office space and coworking memberships, they are not required.