Four hands working on a desk

It may have looked like your typical coffee shop gathering, but one Brooklyn building hosted four of the most prominent young tech companies in the wake of an emergency. It happened after Hurricane Sandy, which wiped out the power of many offices in New York. A quaint studio invited staff from Gawker, Tumblr, Foursquare and Vimeo to

work from its space. It’s the most prominent example of a new trend in business called coworking in which professiona

ls from different businesses and industries work independently in a community space. It’s collaborative, fun, and best of all, professionals experience a productivity boost.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, coworking may be the bottom-line boost your business needs to survive.

By the Numbers

Coworking may sound like an employee-driven initiative to break the shackles of the traditional office, but it’s paying dividends for business owners. The Global Coworking Survey 2012 revealed that 71 percent of respondents said that joining a coworking environment led to increased creativity. Further, 64 percent of respondents said they could better complete tasks on time while coworking. Location might not be the only cause

of these stats. Coworking professionals are usually given the freedom Phentermine 375 online to work the hours they prefer. The study revealed that only 30 percent preferred working standard traditional hours. Many professionals (especially recent college grads) know that they have certain times of day when they’re able to focus more than other times. By giving employees the freedom to play to their strengths, businesses reap the benefits of increased productivity.

Technology Enables Shift

If you’re wondering why businesses haven’t explored this remote model in the past, it’s because technology hasn’t been supportive of this type of office environment. Professionals in various generations n

eeded type writers, copiers, phones and desktop computers to get the job done. Now that we can work on personal laptops, collaborate on the cloud and communicate online, we aren’t tethered to office technology like we were in the past.

Head to any bookstore or coffee shop today and many professionals can access their entire plethora of professional programs online. Many of them are even free. The Intuit salary calculator is a simple web app that calculates payroll. It would have taken an entire department to do payroll 20 years ago. Today, one small business employee can potentially have it done before lunch. Countless other online tools are similarly convenient.

Additional Benefits

Technology isn’t the only reason more professionals are coworking. In a still-fragile economy, businesses are looking for ways to cut down budgets. Offices have been steadily shrinking over the last decade, according to the Burlington Free Press, so it stands to reason that professionals will start looking for an alternative working environment. Businesses who are courageous enough to commit to the coworking model save money on office space, technology, air conditioner and all of the other corresponding expenses. If your employees are mature enough and tech savvy enough to handle the move, it makes sense in business terms.