If you’re ready to join a global movement with other creative business owners, you’re ready to join CoLab Orlando

Can you imagine working in an industry that showed 83% growth last year? If you worked at CoLab Orlando, you’d be doing just that. Coworking is taking off on a global level. Deskmag.com estimates there are 4.5 new coworking spaces born every workday! Their annual Global Coworking Survey, conducted this year by Deskwanted, examines how small businesses and freelancers are flocking to coworking.


Let’s take a walk through the numbers, according to Deskmag.com:

  • 110,000: Number of people worldwide who work in coworking spaces
  • 2,500: Number of coworking spaces available around the world
  • 245: Number of coworkers who join the movement every day
  • 117: Percentage growth in the number of coworking members last year to this year
  • 83: Percentage of growth in the number of coworking spaces last year to this year

The trend is already well-established in large cities like London and New York, and coworking is catching on in Orlando, too, though it’s still something of a rarity here — especially if you want to work in the hustle and bustle of downtown or close to the Lake Eola fountain. CoLab Orlando is on the cutting edge of a global trend.

What’s the big deal about coworking?
With coworking, freelancers and startups can get the social and creative benefits that can only come from a shared work environment. Unlike working from home, where everyone from kids to the dog to the lawn guy can cause a distraction, or working from a coffee shop, where the constant come-and-go can make you want to switch to decaf, coworking spaces are set up for people who want to work. It’s a flexible, low-cost alternative to the traditional office.


What’s the big deal about CoLab Orlando?
Consider the perks: a collaborative workspace where you can network with other entrepreneurs; low monthly rates or as-needed daily rates; free coffee; after-hours events with beer and a chance to make friends and business connections; Ping Pong and Foosball for a mental break; and an unbeatable central business district location just a few blocks from Lake Eola, restaurants and more. CoLab Orlando offers a great opportunity for people to attend networking events and be around other creative business owners.

Our members include freelancers and other creative business owners, branding experts and tech wunderkind, community organizers and magicians (well, just the one). Whatever it is you do, and whoever you happen to be, you’ll fit in nicely. Prices start at just $15 a day or $199 a month, which includes conference rooms for business meetings, WiFi, a kitchen, a copier and a fax. And free coffee. Did we mention free coffee?

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