Orlando’s premiere coworking space appeals to entrepreneurs

Inside CoLab Orlando

One of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs can be finding places to network. But what if you worked right next to someone that could easily get that troublesome job done that you’ve been slaving over for weeks?

This is the beauty of working in a co-working space. At CoLab Orlando we see a little of different people filling up the spaces – from software developers to public relations firms. The good part about everyone being a door away from each other is when clients start asking (or maybe demanding) certain projects.

Take the PR firm, for example, that is growing exponentially. Well, the office of two that was once perfectly capable of handling client’s needs now desperately needs a software developer’s help – and they needed it yesterday.

Luckily, the new acquaintance they’ve made of their next-door office mate happens to be a software developer and one knock on the door and a quick conversation and the firm has the new database they had needed so desperately.

There’s no running around trying to network and make connections throughout the city. CoLab Orlando’s co-working space is a mecca of connections for any entrepreneur.

Why not stop by for a visit now that you’re realizing the T.V. room next to your home office isn’t really offering you the work motivation you’ve been looking for. We’ll give you a tour and get you started in your new co-working space.