Forget the stale service and try coworking in Orlando instead

Ever tried working in a coffee shop?

Working in a hip coffee shop sounds like a great idea. Comfy chairs, access to awesome lattes and free WiFi should make for a convenient and uber-cool place to get some work done. After all, with smart phones, tablets and powerful laptops, you have everything you need, right?


Coffee shops are more than just a cool place to hang out — they’re a business. And like any business, they make money by selling things to customers. If you take three hours to complete a project in your local shop and only buy a small cappuccino, you’re taking up valuable space that might keep other paying customers from enjoying their visit.

As a result, there has been a trend of coffee shops trying to politely and gently give people like you the message: WiFi is cool for a short visit, but please don’t make us your office! Some shops still charge for WiFi, have time limits or otherwise make it difficult to get internet access.

That’s why you should consider coworking in Orlando. CoLab in downtown Orlando has everything a coffee shop has — desks, tables and even couches. For the price of a few lattes a week, you can have the coffee, a printer, a workspace and unlimited WiFi. And as a bonus, you get to work around other cool people who have also been run off by the local coffee shop.

Drop by and take a tour — you’ll like what you see. Prices and availability change daily, so contact us Whether you’re already in business for yourself or looking for an opportunity to get something started, CoLab might just be perfect for you.

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