Orlando coworking space great location, abundant in networking opportunities

A Harry Houdini book report accompanied by a magic trick sealed Kostya Kimlat’s fate by igniting a passion for magic that has never faded.

Kostya Kimlat is cofounder of ThinkMagic, a CoLab Orlando member.

Since middle school, he’s known he wanted to be a magician, which spurred his career and the co-founding of ThinkMagic. The company has a network of magicians across the country who are dispatched to various businesses and events — including halftime of Orlando Magic games. The company focuses on helping improve customer experience through brand perception and marketing.

We recently chatted with Kimlat about why ThinkMagic chose CoLab Orlando as its professional home.

How long have you been at CoLab?

In June 2010 we were here for six months and shared an office space with someone else. Then we started traveling a lot so there was no reason to have an office. Now we’re back. We just moved in last week.

How did you hear about CoLab?

I had a friend of mine who was in the office two years ago. We loved the idea. The community is really great and there’s a lot of potential for sharing between businesses.

What made you want to use a coworking space?

The building we’re in is in a great location. It’s right in the heart of downtown. The city is vibrant; there’s so much energy here. There’s so much growth, so it’s the perfect location for our company.

What’s your favorite part about working downtown?

Definitely the restaurants. Also, we’re the official magicians for the Orlando Magic and our office is just two blocks away from Amway Center.

What makes being involved with CoLab so great?

For someone looking for an office, the benefits of CoLab are the big city energy and the balance of business, art and creativity. In your own office you can get stuck so much doing your own thing. At ThinkMagic we think about the role of perception. By having other companies to interact with, you get to see how other people see their world.

UPDATE: Hear Kostay talk on Fox35 News about CoLab Orlando