Graphic designer enjoys great location, value of downtown Orlando coworking space

James Krawczyk
James Krawczyk, a graphic designer, enjoys having a downtown office on Orange Avenue.


James Krawczyk loves to express his creative side through his work. His grandfather was an illustrator, and his father worked as a designer and owns his own ad agency. James remembers skipping his high school classes to work on projects with his dad. James owns his own graphic design firm, Krawczyk, LLC, and works on everything from logos to print to website design. In his spare time, he publishes a digital wakeboarding magazine called Wake Journal. He’s also one of our awesome members.

How did you hear about CoLab?
It was through a Craigslist ad. I was looking for office space downtown. I was working from my home for five years and my wife and I recently had a child. I wanted to come up with a plan to work outside of the house. The CoLab here is excellent — it’s pretty much right in the middle of downtown. It’s cheap, too. It’s a price I’d expect to pay at a place not nearly as well located.

What do you think about the CoLab community?
The community aspect is really neat. There are a lot of people in similar situations like me — they’re a one- or two-person business. There’s camaraderie here, too. We have a lot of people who have a similar outlook. I get positive reinforcement to meet other people who bust their hump to make a living just like I do.

What made you want to use a coworking space?
For a guy like me, to have high rent doesn’t make much sense. I wanted to use a coworking space because of the value CoLab gives me for a great price.

How long have you been here at CoLab?
About a year and three months.

What does your space look like?
I recently moved into a 10-by-14-foot office with a window. I have a view of Orange Avenue — it can’t be beat. My office has polished concrete floors and I have silk-screen posters on the walls. I have a drawing table and a desk that I switch between to work. I get all the benefits of having a full-blown office with less expense.

What’s your favorite part about working downtown?
What I really like, when I’m talking to clients and tell them I have an office on Orange Avenue, is to see the change in their eyes. To say I have an office downtown during a networking event is a really nice thing to be able to say. Anything else downtown is in the big, tall glass buildings, but the office space there was more than I needed and the rent was expensive. CoLab was the way I could get a downtown office at a price I could afford.

What makes being involved with CoLab so great?
The community of people — it’s a more creative place. Even if I were to find cheap space in another building, it’s not typical to be neighborly. It’s nice to have other people around and be a little more social. There’s a sense of being part of a larger group.