Experiential media specialist enjoys connecting with other creative thinkers

CoLab Orlando Member Spotlight
(From left to right) Christopher Stapleton, Creative Venture Catalyst; Ron Weaver, Choreographer of Procedural Poetry; Romy Green, Cyber Tinkerer; Dana Mott, Conductor of Narrative Chaos; and John Nadeau, Dreamscape Architect

Every day, Christopher Stapleton is charged with the task of providing the color to people’s imaginations. He owns and operates Simiosys, a company that produces and designs experiential media — using digital media, simulation, mixed reality and virtual reality — for brands.

His creative imprint can be found in theme parks, museums and on television shows in Germany, Japan, Italy and stateside. You might’ve experienced some of his work: he’s responsible for some of the most thrilling special effects at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure — think Wizarding World of Harry Potter— and other theme parks in Orlando and around the world.

Stapleton says working at CoLab Orlando plugs him into a network of other creative thinkers, a perk of working in the coworking space.

How long have you been at CoLab Orlando?

Four years.

How did you hear about CoLab?

heard about CoLab Orlando from one of my former students. But the coworking movement wasn’t new to me. I’ve always been a fan.

What made you want to use a coworking space?

I wanted to be flexible. I wanted to have what I wanted and when I needed it for the price I needed. Being centrally located was critical. I also love being able to go to New York City or Los Angeles and be accepted with open arms among others in coworking spaces. Coworking is reinventing itself all the time and I enjoy being a part of it.

Where were you before CoLab?

I was at the University of Central Florida incubating my business.

What is your favorite part about working downtown?

What I love about downtown is the creative energy. It’s the museums, the galleries and other experimental spaces that are coming. The dialogue with creative people is really exciting.

What makes working at CoLab so great?

The flexibility. It’s a living, dynamic culture. It’s constantly changing. There’s also a lot of potential for strategic partnership.

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