Non-profit organization forges important relationships with other CoLab members


The Bridges of Light Foundation, established in 2004, raises money to further the education for children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected.

Lora DeLorenzo is cofounder of the Bridges of Light Foundation located in CoLab Orlando.

In addition to providing gifts to children during the holidays, the foundation also has the Educational Tutoring Program, which gives personalized instruction in math, science, reading and language arts. To date, more than 30 kids have received free college tuition through Bridges of Light.

They’re also one of our awesome CoLab members. Rachel Kaufman, the foundation’s executive administrator, chatted with us about why they’ve chosen CoLab Orlando as home for their non-profit organization.

How long have you been here at CoLab?

It’ll be two years in October.

How did you hear about CoLab Orlando?

We were referred to the Angelbilt Building by Florida Tradebank when our lease was up at our downtown location. We loved the clean and easily accessible office building and were interested in the fact that we could meet businesses that could possibly pair up with the Bridges of Light Foundation.

What’s your space like?

It’s a small corner office. It’s just me, our two founders and our volunteer supervisor who work inside the office full time.

What’s your favorite part about working downtown?

I love the interaction with the people around us, especially the non profits. It’s great to be in a coworking space because you get to meet different people from different industries.

Let’s say we have an event and we need someone to do some graphic design work. We can walk right next door and they can do us that favor. Everything is there. You have so many resources right at your fingertips.

Give an example of a professional relationship you’ve made here at CoLab. 

Stacey Papp is cofounder of the Bridges of Light Foundation with Lora DeLorenzo in Orlando, Fla.

I was walking into the building one day and one of our neighbors, Mickey at Bento Golf and I were small talking about one of our biggest fundraisers, the Players Ball. One of the things we do at the event is a live and silent auction. He said, ‘Oh, let me show you something.’ His friend owns a website that has signed memorabilia by famous people. He connected me with him and I didn’t have to leave my office. That’s the kind of stuff that happens all the time there.

What makes being involved with CoLab so great?

The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to leave your office to network. There’s always someone new to meet and you never know who’s going to walk through the door. You don’t have to leave the building and you could get your next big break.