Workshop brings entrepreneurs together to build partnerships

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but breakfast on Friday, Oct. 7, may be more important than most.

The Brainstorm Institute, an Orlando-based organization that helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, big companies and non-profit agencies think creatively to solve problems and do what they do even better.

Networking and partnerships are two great benefits of coworking at a facility like CoLab Orlando, and “Brainstorming Over Breakfast,” will help local CoLab members take advantage of the potential in a hands-on way.

The concept is simple. CoLab members will get together over breakfast and then break into small focused groups. They’ll get a topic and with their peers talk about how to form relationships, affiliations and partnerships with each other.

Building partnerships is the specialty of Brian “Doc” Collins, founder and president of The Brainstorming Institute. At various points in his career, Collins has produced work for Virgin Atlantic Airways, Anheuser Busch Theme Parks, The Orlando Shakespeare Festival, The Miami Dolphins, The Tribune Co., and AAA’s (the American Automobile Association) National Office. A former Disney “imagineer,” he taught a course on product development for theme parks at the University of Central Florida. He’s been a curriculum innovation specialist for Florida Virtual School.

If you are curious about “The Doc” or just curious about what your coworking neighbors do, this event will answer that question and more. The goal is to help CoLab Orlando members come up with new ideas and ways to create and leverage partnerships to increase businesses.

“Brainstorming Over Breakfast” is Oct. 7, from 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. at CoLab Orlando. Start the day right. Have breakfast with us.