CrushAds and Simiosys
Ping pong Champions CrushAds and Simiosys

And We Have a Winner!

All month long, residents have been duking it out on the ping pong and foosball table in our own CoLab style March Madness, and last week we crowned our winners!

Chris Calabro from Crush Ads and Chris Stapleton from Simiosys brought their teams to victory last week and are winning the Grand Prize of $100 off next month’s rent!

You probably remember Simiosys from our blog last month. Their teams MVP was Carol Porter. She can rock a foosball table!

Crush Ads is made up of Florida natives Chris Calabro and Daniel Simone. Chris is the ping-pong player, and put up a tough fight in the final match against Simiosys. Even their company slogan says they’ll “Crush the Competition” and they did just that!

Thanks to all who participated in our tournament and Congrats again to the winners!

Think you could beat our champs? Visit CoLab Orlando and set up a match! There are always events happening in our space for members of CoLab and the outside community.