Five years later, CoLab is still the perfect choice for Orlando entrepreneurs

In 2008, CoLab Orlando opened up its doors in the beautiful and historic Angebilt Building in Downtown Orlando. Over the years we’ve expanded to several floors, knocked out walls, welcomed new friends and said goodbye to old ones. Through it all, we’ve wanted to provide the kind of space that would appeal to Orlando’s entrepreneurs, startups, creatives and freelancers.

“At its heart, coworking is about being able to break free of the conventions of more traditional offices and making connections with people you might never have met otherwise,” says Brian Wilson, CoLab Orlando’s Community Director. “It’s an alternative to that isolation you can feel when you work at home or the limitations you sometimes meet when you work out of a Starbucks. It’s all about joining in a collaborative space where you can thrive.”

CoLab was on the on the leading edge of the coworking movement when we started up just five years ago, and it’s a movement whose time has come. With more and more people choosing to strike out on their own and with the accessibility provided by online technologies, the mobile workforce is only going to grow. A new survey by the International Data Corporation indicates there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015. That’s more than 37% of the world’s workforce.


It’s kind of exciting to be on the forefront of a worldwide movement. Who knows? Maybe someday everyone will cowork. If you want to test the coworking waters in Orlando, you should definitely check out CoLab. We are a coworking community of entrepreneurs and small businesses where everyone works on their own projects and at their companies separately but together. We believe collaboration benefits everyone involved, and we are striving to grow a positive community of smart, creative and hard-working people.

CoLab has suites with great views for teams; smaller, more affordable interior spaces perfect for a one- or two-person office; or an open Lab space for the creative who thrives on the energy of those around them.

We hope you’ll raise a glass to toast our first five years in business, and we hope you’ll get in touch with us to schedule a free tour to see what CoLab can do for you. Prices and availability change daily, so contact us for a tour Whether you’re already in business for yourself or looking for an opportunity to get something started, CoLab might just be perfect for you.

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