Global survey shows downtown Orlando space delivers what coworkers want

The ability to network at CoLab is always possible.

We know from experience here at CoLab that the coworking movement fills a much-needed void for work spaces that are affordable, interactive, accessible and wired.

A survey conducted by Deskmag, an international magazine devoted to workspaces, found more than 600 coworking sites worldwide and the number of coworking startups doubled from 2009 to 2010.
The Deskmag findings confirm much of what we already knew, and from our view, the most important research shows the power of coworking.

Eighty-seven percent of coworkers said they started new projects with other coworkers they met on site, and 82 percent cited the ability to share knowledge with others as a motivator. When asked about the most important factors for their work, coworkers rank flexible work times and interaction with other people as the most important — 86 percent for both categories.

The survey offers other glimpses into the people who embrace coworking and what they want. Forty-percent of coworkers join a space out of a need to feel productive and the exact same amount – 40 percent – join to stop feeling isolated.

Location is important. Coworkers care about the surrounding neighborhood, especially when it comes to restaurants. The majority – 81 percent – say having food options such as snack bars or restaurants nearby is highly important. CoLab Orlando scores on this point as well. Located on North Orange Avenue in the Central Business District, CoLab steps away from scores of restaurants and Lake Enola.

Forty percent of coworkers come to their sites daily, 19 percent work three to four times each week, 16 percent come in once or twice a week, and the remainder drop in a few times each month. Just over half of all users have 24-hour access.

Seventy-two percent say the low cost of coworking is very important. At CoLab Orlando, we have price points and space options to meet a range of needs.

Interestingly, the majority of coworking spaces have as many or more members than desks, meaning flexible work space is not only popular, but also practical. Regardless of whether you need a desk for two days a week or five, or even an office, we’ve got the right space.

Co-working may be right for you, too. Call CoLab Orlando to schedule a tour.