TEDx talk touches on what makes coworking so successful

Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman has discovered what it takes to make the greatest work environment.

Hillman, who started up Indy Hall, a successful coworking space in Philadelphia that is home to almost 200 coworkers, is a coworking prophet, pioneer and evangelist.

What does it take to fashion a creative workspace?

It takes keeping the best parts of a traditional office and work environment and finding ways to remove the parts that cause friction and harm.

When we work for other people, we become part of their goals and that is the ruling atmosphere in a traditional workspace. People often leave companies because they had poor experiences with specific people – sour office politics, lack of praise, stifling boundaries and repetitious jobs with little chance for continual learning.

What makes a workspace great is social interaction, praise, opportunities to learn new and exciting things and opportunities to collaborate with others.

“The path to the greatest work environment is coworking,” says Hillman in a recent TEDx video talk.

To see what he accomplished and hear him speak about coworking’s relevance to today’s creative professionals, check out this video:

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