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What Is Your Small Business Crusade For 2014?

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What will you do to stand out above the rest in 2014?   (Draft) Some friendly advice from one of our new CoLab Members:  I am on a crusade to stop this from happening to new businesses.  I was there too at one time.  Perhaps you grew tired of your job and decided to go at it on your own.  Maybe you found yourself currently out of a job and took a big leap of faith. Whatever your motivation or reason for making the move there are some things that can help you along the way. When you first venture out, you are in what I call “hustle mode”:  No matter how much cash you start out with, you are in a race to find a client base that will be profitable and sustainable.  You need to have a profitable customer in order to make money in your business.  You …

Moving, Shaking and Making in Orlando: Meet Our New Member

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Coworking Environment For Great for An Orlando Business Tell us about yourself and your company. I’ve always been a “maker”- ever since I was a kid building LEGOs and drawing pictures.  As a graphic designer and industrial designer I use that same passion to build brands and develop products for my clients. In 2011, I founded Grey Gorilla Design as an additional creative outlet outside of my full-time job as the Director of Design at Noble Inc.  Eventually Grey Gorilla required my full attention and I’m now the sole full-time employee along with a team of trusted contractors. Where were you before CoLab? It’s been a “Green Eggs and Ham” type of situation.  I’ve worked just about everywhere- my home office, co-worker’s home offices, coffee shops, client’s offices, bars, parks… anywhere with internet. What brings you here? I worked in a corporate office setting for 10 years, so after venturing …

Best Practices: Working with Interns

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Lunch and Learn:  December 18th at 12:15pm 9th floor in the Angebilt. – Want to see if hiring an intern will be best for your company? – Wondering what kind of tasks an intern can handle. – Not really sure about the best way to work with interns? – Interested in finding an intern but not sure where to start? During this Lunch and Learn there will be a round table discussion hosted by Kostya with See Magic Live, He will go over how his company here at CoLab has worked with interns before and the best way to go about having interns work with your company. Lunch will be sponsored by Sweeto Burrito Florida Like them on Facebook! CoLab member as well Sweeto Burrito is a mobile food trailer that serves awesome burritos with flavors that are a twist on the usual american, tex-mex, and thai. They have finally come to Florida and …

CoLab Member Holiday Party December 18th at 4pm

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You and a guest are invited to our holiday party December 18th starting at 4pm on the 9th floor.   Santa has dropped off some alcohol and snacks for us to throw an awesome holiday party celebrating you as our member here at the Angebilt! There will also be a fun show provided by See Live Magic and a few fun games with surprises!   RSVP by December 13th, email, feel free to post on our facebook page!

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