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CoLab Orlando to Sponsor Inaugural Class of Starter Studio

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CoLab Orlando supports Orlando’s first business accelerator CoLab is a proud supporter of Starter Studio, Orlando’s first business accelerator! We hosted them in “The Lab,” our coworking community, just a couple of weeks ago, and we are excited for them to have an intensive program over the next three months. We urge you to attend some of these free community events in the next few months! Here are some of the opening details: The Starters: (See updates at Learn Everywhere Whether it is a big exam, new policies or a new language, we help you remember what matters. SHOFLO A web application that offers real-time cue management for the event production industry. SHOFLO saves production companies time and money by replacing paper based printing practices with a collaborative, sustainable, real time web application. SnapShots SnapShots is an iPhone app that allows users a beautiful way to capture photos and …

Meet an Orlando Google Glass Explorer!

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Have you seen Google Glass yet?! Update: We had @JenVargas here at CoLab! ___________ Here at CoLab Orlando we hope to have at least 2 or 3 people with Google Glass to tell us about their experience to achieve this opportunity as well as hear about what they like most! Join us August 29th, 2013  on the 9th floor in “The Lab” at 12:30pm for a short presentation by @JenVargas! Facebook invite: Email to RSVP or with questions! (this might be a Brown bag lunch…or we might order Pizza!) Follow for us too at Learn more about Google Glass!

Coworking is a Great Solution for Orlando Entrepreneurs

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If you’re ready to join a global movement with other creative business owners, you’re ready to join CoLab Orlando Can you imagine working in an industry that showed 83% growth last year? If you worked at CoLab Orlando, you’d be doing just that. Coworking is taking off on a global level. estimates there are 4.5 new coworking spaces born every workday! Their annual Global Coworking Survey, conducted this year by Deskwanted, examines how small businesses and freelancers are flocking to coworking. Let’s take a walk through the numbers, according to 110,000: Number of people worldwide who work in coworking spaces 2,500: Number of coworking spaces available around the world 245: Number of coworkers who join the movement every day 117: Percentage growth in the number of coworking members last year to this year 83: Percentage of growth in the number of coworking spaces last year to this year …

CoLab Orlando Member Spotlight: Bradley Bulifant, President, GoodXGames

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Coworking environment ideal for ‘Solar Games’ project to help Haiti Imagine playing games for a living. Now, imagine playing games for a living and helping people at the same time. You’ve just imagined the professional life of GoodXGames President Bradley Bulifant, executive producer of The Solar Games and a new member at CoLab Orlando. The Solar Games is a social impact video game based on actual locations in Haiti aimed at giving gamers a unique experience while simultaneously tapping into the $67 billion gaming industry as a mechanism to fund solar electric systems for schools, medical clinics and households. Bradley has high hopes for the company to branch out and provide assistance to other parts of the globe. Anyone who would like to get in on the action can donate money through the company’s crowd-funding campaign at Find out more about the game on the company’s website at Q. Tell …

Happy International Coworking Day!

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Happy International Coworking Day! It’s been a busy day here in Orlando! We had many of our CoLab members come by to ask if we were making this up “CoworkingDay” and yes,  some coworking guests in “The Lab” our workspace! We allow Hot Desking and as you can see here- collaborative and self focused work! At one point almost everyone in the room were on the phone!                       Guess who was really on the phone and who was was just being silly? ! See the tweets from “CoworkingDay” HERE: Also: Coworking exchange program lets members work around the globe! Read how being a CoLab Orlando member can get you access to coworking globally! Post by our Orlando Director Brian! Read more about me: More soon! Please like us on all our social networks! Like on Facebook: Connect on …

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