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Blending Work and Personal Life at CoLab Orlando

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Coworking helps with focus and personal friendships For lots of coworkers, working in a coworking space is a good way to separate your work and personal life. But recent trends suggest the opposite among millenials and the digital workforce – a blending of work and personal life. This article on GigaOm explores the subject, noting that even Zappos employees will soon work on a “metropolitan” campus that encourages mixing personal aspects with their work life. CoLab’s residents use the coworking space both ways. There are many members who use the space to get out of the house, be more productive, and get some needed feedback from peers. Then they head home – able to enjoy their home life better because they don’t work there. To some residents, though, CoLab is their “second place.” They come for the coffee, watch Netflix over lunch and plan group outings. After work is done, …

CoLab Orlando Member Interview: Simiosys

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Meet one of our CoLab Orlando Members, Simiosys. We had the great opportunity of being able to sit down and talk with them about what they do and why they love being at CoLab Orlando. Check it out: Chris Stapleton, Creative Catalyst at Simiosys, and Urban ReThink are hosting a PlayTank experiment on Monday, February 20th. The mini-conference will be exploring interface design and how people relate with artifacts as narrative interfaces. You can view the flyer here. Thanks for sharing, Chris and the Simiosys group!

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