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Freelancing a 2012 Trend to Watch

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Graduates and baby-boomers alike choosing to work for themselves In 2012 there are several trends to watch for, including a rise in the number of self-employed individuals. The shifting economy is leaving graduates with no other choice but to find their own niche and join the self-employed work force. But it’s not just graduates. It’s baby boomers looking to get back into the workforce without having to put up with all the uncertainty of corporate America. A recent article published on touted the benefits of going it solo. “Temple University officials noticed something a little out of the ordinary when they looked at the results of the post-graduation survey of 2009’s undergraduate class,” states the report. “For the first time in the life of the survey, self employment ranked alongside banking, education and health care as one of the most popular career paths for recent graduates.” One thing to …

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