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CoLab Orlando Member Event: Brainstorming Over Breakfast

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Workshop brings entrepreneurs together to build partnerships We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but breakfast on Friday, Oct. 7, may be more important than most. The Brainstorm Institute, an Orlando-based organization that helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, big companies and non-profit agencies think creatively to solve problems and do what they do even better. Networking and partnerships are two great benefits of coworking at a facility like CoLab Orlando, and “Brainstorming Over Breakfast,” will help local CoLab members take advantage of the potential in a hands-on way. The concept is simple. CoLab members will get together over breakfast and then break into small focused groups. They’ll get a topic and with their peers talk about how to form relationships, affiliations and partnerships with each other. Building partnerships is the specialty of Brian “Doc” Collins, founder and president of The Brainstorming Institute. At various points …

What Does A Perfect Coworking Space Look Like?

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Coworking is not one size fits all Guest blog by Thomas Scott, CEO of Brand Journalists and a CoLab Nashville member: Coworking has grown in popularity over the past few years and coworking spaces are becoming more and more common in cities across the country. But what is it that makes these spaces so functional? As a coworker who started out working from home, purchased a desk membership, moved into a shared office and built a successful business in a coworking environment, I’ve gained an appreciation of what makes a coworking space work: Coworking should be flexible. Coworking spaces leave room to grow. A common success story in the coworking world, members often start out with a shared desk in a co-working room and find themselves getting busier and bigger. The ability to transfer into a more dedicated space, such as a reserved desk or small shared office, outgrow that, …

Increase in Freelance Workers Fuels Orlando Coworking Space

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“Industrial Revolution of Today,” according to The Atlantic In today’s job market, getting a long-term job is, well, so yesterday. Look around at any coffee shop, library or free WiFi spot and see people working on laptops and talking on smartphones. Count the number of friends, relatives and acquaintances you know who are freelancing or starting small businesses and the number may surprise you. The Atlantic recently published an article about the surge of freelancers and proclaimed the it “the industrial revolution of our time.” Freelancing, once stigmatized as the only option when you couldn’t get “a real job” is becoming a preferred career path for large numbers of skilled professionals. Costs to start up a business have dropped and depending on the industry, anyone with a laptop, software and a phone can start taking on paying jobs. As companies reduce staff to cut costs and outsource work, the work …

Alex Hillman: Why Coworking is the Path to the Greatest Work Environment

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TEDx talk touches on what makes coworking so successful Alex Hillman has discovered what it takes to make the greatest work environment. Hillman, who started up Indy Hall, a successful coworking space in Philadelphia that is home to almost 200 coworkers, is a coworking prophet, pioneer and evangelist. What does it take to fashion a creative workspace? It takes keeping the best parts of a traditional office and work environment and finding ways to remove the parts that cause friction and harm. When we work for other people, we become part of their goals and that is the ruling atmosphere in a traditional workspace. People often leave companies because they had poor experiences with specific people – sour office politics, lack of praise, stifling boundaries and repetitious jobs with little chance for continual learning. What makes a workspace great is social interaction, praise, opportunities to learn new and exciting things …

At CoLab Orlando, Coworking also Means Networking

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Global survey shows downtown Orlando space delivers what coworkers want We know from experience here at CoLab that the coworking movement fills a much-needed void for work spaces that are affordable, interactive, accessible and wired. A survey conducted by Deskmag, an international magazine devoted to workspaces, found more than 600 coworking sites worldwide and the number of coworking startups doubled from 2009 to 2010.
The Deskmag findings confirm much of what we already knew, and from our view, the most important research shows the power of coworking. Eighty-seven percent of coworkers said they started new projects with other coworkers they met on site, and 82 percent cited the ability to share knowledge with others as a motivator. When asked about the most important factors for their work, coworkers rank flexible work times and interaction with other people as the most important — 86 percent for both categories. The survey offers other …

Top Reasons to Use Virtual Office Space in Orlando

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Why a coworking membership might be a better option than a home office Work from a home office and need a business address to power your Google places listing or simply need a business address for mail? Here are 5 top reasons to use a virtual business address: 1. A business address is one of the most valuable marketing assets for online marketing. Google serves up its own business directory listings, Google Places Pages, for local searches and without a real business address, you miss out. Using a home address or PO box allows your competitors to outrank you on Google and they’ll take business that should be yours. Renting a virtual business address is inexpensive and most co-working spaces sell them and give you access to a desk and conference room as part of the package. 2. Home offices are nice but sometimes it pays to make a professional …

Coworking 101: What is co-working and what is the co-working movement all about?

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Why you should care about the co-working movement: Coworking, which popped up a few years ago, is a growing movement of small businesses and entrepreneurs all working under one roof. What makes it different than a normal office? None of the workers are employed by the same company. Yes, they all work independently – but in the same building. While still a new concept, more than 400 coworking spaces span the globe. How did it get started? In 2005, Brad Neuberg organized what is considered to be the first co-working sapce, a location in San Francisco named the “Hat Factory.” The “Hat Factory” was home to three technology writers, but people could come in daily and work. He was also a co-founder of “Citizen Space,” which was the first “work only” coworking space. Most coworking spaces have desks, cubes and/or offices that can be rented out part-time or full-time. Residents …

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