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Collaborative and creative workspace with enhanced services for local startups and businesses looking to grow and be challenged.
We come together as one to learn from each other and take on any challenge
John Hussey – Founder
We stray away from the typical office cubical, noisy coffee shop, or distracting home office. Our goal is to promote collaboration and networking through a professional open-desk policy.

Membership Levels


Full-Time Member

• Price $199.99 April Special! $99.99 per month + Tax
• Full Time Access to “The Lab” (Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)
• Company listed on website
• Access to Member’s Only Events

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Part-Time Member

• Price $99.99 April Special! $49.99 per Month + Tax
• Access Two Days a Week to “The Lab”
• Company Listing on Website
• Access to Member’s Only Events
*Lab hours Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Colab One Day Drop-In

• Price $19.99 + Tax
• Access For a Day to “The Lab” (Shared space, per person – not for meetings)
*Lab hours Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Free coworking all March and April!

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For the entire months of March and April, we are offering absolutely FREE coworking! If you are a small business owner, startup company, blogger, graphic designer, or other creative, come check out our space! Need another reason why you should check out coworking? Well, here are several: Networking- our community is full of creatives who love to meet others with the same mindset. At CoLab, you have the option to network and bounce around ideas with people you may not see at your local Starbucks. Lunch and Learns/workshops/member only events- we LOVE events at CoLab. We frequently host Lunch and Learns, community lunches (pizza anyone?), and other fun events that are free to members and those that drop in. Wifi, conference rooms, Skype room, kitchen amenities, networked printer, fresh coffee- all on the house! Come check us out today! We think you’ll like it here.

Guest post by TechnologyAdvice: How female entrepreneurs can crowd fund equity financing

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“There’s a troubling disparity with women in business …. Women entrepreneurs start with about half of the capital that our male counterparts have. For every woman raising equity capital, there are nine men raising equity capital.” That’s Geri Stengel, Founder and President of Ventureneer, talking about the motivation for her upcoming crowd funding report that will itself be crowd funded. She has seen first-hand many of the challenges female entrepreneurs face in raising equity, and has ideas on how strategies like marketing automation can help overcome them. New Streams of Financing A major reason why social media marketing can play a role in raising funds for a business is a recent change to Title II of the Jobs Act. In 2013, the SEC loosened its rules on publicly raising money. Companies can now use social media to make direct, public appeals to the general public as a way to raise …


New year, new goals for entrepreneurs

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So it’s a new year, and you’re a small business entrepreneur. Have you made a list of what you want to accomplish this year in your business? If not, check out these tips:  Spend less time checking your phone and email. This will allow you to focus more on the task at hand. Allow yourself certain times of the day to check these things, but nothing more than that. Take a personal day at least once a month. Taking time for yourself will rejuvenate you and raise your performance rate at work instead of a quick burnout. If you haven’t started blogging or using social media actively, now is the time to so as this is where the future in marketing is heading. Update several times a week so that people can keep up with your brand. No clue how to use social media? Hire someone to do it for …

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